Mr B Preece

A good buying experience (twice)


I have never bought a new car but have quite a broad experience of buying from a ‘second hand’ supplier. I was pleased to find what looked like a good car near where I live when we looked for a newer vehicle for my wife to use. We found the owner of S Denner Cars and his small team were very helpful and gave good support and service, which persuaded us to buy an attractive second hand Citroen. Naturally, when I was looking to replace my own vehicle I looked at the supplier we were impressed by when buying for my wife’s use. Although we had looked at other local car sales companies we returned to S Denner and I’m. Pleased that we did. The Nissan Qashcai I bought is, again, a good car and well up to my expectation. The owner, who is also the salesman, gives advice and help without any urgency and without giving the impression that he wants you to get on and buy! A good and encouraging buying experience.